Why produce the RL-31 slip

Why the RL-31 slip ? By producing it, you provide your tenant with the necessary information he needs in order to request the...

Who is the RL-31 slip for?

The RL-31 slip is intended for tenants registered in the lease of one of your dwellings located in Quebec for which rent has been paid or is payable on December 31 of the year in question.

However, you may be exempt from giving one to your tenant in certain situations, including:

  • He left the dwelling before December 31 of the year in question;
  • He benefits from low-rent housing within the meaning of the Civil Code of Quebec (C.c.Q);
  • He lives in accommodation located in a facility maintained by a public or private institution under agreement;
  • He lives in a dwelling located in a building or residential premises where the services of an intermediate resource or a family-type resource are offered;

He lives in a room located in a hotel establishment or in a rooming house that is rented for a period of less than 60 consecutive days.

Who must file the RL-31 slip?

As a property manager or owner of a rental property, you are required to produce this statement annually. In the case of the property manager, he will have to issue the RL-31 slip in the name of the owner of the building.

When and how to produce the RL-31 slip?

It is possible to file it online, with Revenu Québec, as of 1st december of each year and must be done no later than the last day of February following the 31 December concerned.

There are several methods to produce and transmit the data, either:

Please note that if you produce more than 50 statements, you will be required to send them online or via software.

In the situation where you use software requiring a preparer number and you do not have one, you will have to contact Revenu Québec directly, which will assign you one and provide you with a sequence of RL-slip numbers to use. reserved each year. Thus, the preparer number and the sequential numbers assigned to you will be usable year after year. For each new fiscal year, you must start over at the beginning of your series. To obtain them, you can contact Revenu Québec by email at edi@revenuquebec.ca or by telephone at 1 866 814-8392.

How to complete the RL-31 slip?

As of this writing, the 2022 guides are still not available. You will then have to refer to the following 2021 guides produced by Revenu Québec which will help you to properly complete the RL-31 slips.

Relevé 31 - Guide
Guide to the RL-31 slip
Relevé 31 - Guide du préparateur
Preparer's Guide

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